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Bleach is a commonly used product, everyone can easily access it as it is available in almost every supply store, bleach also contains chlorine, so today we are going to discuss if bleach is suitable at all to use in your pool  as an alternative to chlorine, we  will discuss  important things such as the cost factor,

if it can kill algae, how much of it do you need to meet the normal standards of chlorine, and if the more expensive counterpart is worth it or not.

Can i use bleach in my pool?

The short answer is yes, you can use bleach in your pool as bleach is used for cleaning, cleaning a pool with bleach is the easiest way of cleaning a pool and  I would recommended it over a lot of other products as bleach is a common product available to everyone. Disinfecting bleach is usually used to prevent algae growth, a very easy way of preventing a huge problem.

How can we use bleach in pool?

Well there are a few things that you need to know beore adding bleach in a pool such as how much you need to add, that depends on how much you use the pool, the location of the pool and how much sunlight exposure it faces and the quality of the water.

Lets get into How much you need to add: it depends on why you are adding bleach to the pool, for this you need to contact a professional or ask around in the pool community, or try and calculate how much chlorine you were supposed to add and instead conver that into bleach.

Difference between bleach and chlorine?

The main difference between bleach and chlorine is its composition, the chlorine forms used to add chlorine to a pool are generally 65% chlorine while bleach is usually 5%, bleach can actually be used as an alternative to general use chlorine, as it s very easy to use.

All you have to do is pour bleach into the water without caring for anything, it takes 1 gallon of bleach to provide almost the cleaning strength of 1.5 pounds or 600 grams of chlorine, that is taking in consideration the general and common size of pool that can contain 30,000 gallons of water and 20  by 40 foot in dimensions.

although that is a lot of bleach but when you look at the prices, you will be shocked to know how cheap bleach is compared to chlorine. 

Cost of bleach compared to chlorine

A gallon of bleach can be purchased from anywhere starting 1$ to 5$ based on where you are buying and considering you need 2 gallons of bleach, your estimate would be around 2$ at the cheapest and 10$ at the most expensive, that is not a lot, now let us compare that to chlorine,  there is a huge difference presence, chlorine prices are currently 350$ based on your vendor for the weight of 35  pounds and considering you need 1.5  pounds to compare with 2 gallons of bleach

The price will be 6$ (approx.) at the cheapest but that is very ideal, it is still more than what you pay for bleach, and 70$ at the most expensive, which is very likely to come across, that is a huge prices difference, if taking the most  expensive ones that you are likely to come around it is 7 times approximately increase in what you will pay for chlorine

Is bleach more effective compared to chlorine?

Actually no, that is the easy answer, there are reasons people even by chlorine tablets for a pool instead of bleach, as chlorine tablets are better in bacteria killing, chllorine itself will work as a very amazing disinfectant with no need for anything else, chlorine tablets also kill the hassle of having to observe the pool over time periods to notice any problems, chlorine is expensive but it is also the better bacteria killer, you are very much less likely to face bacterial problems if you use chlorine.

In which case we shouldn’t use bleach?

You shouldnt use bleach if your pool is being used for competitions, you shouldnt use bleach if your water quality is not the best and the pH level is not around the recommended one, this is because bleach is not the fastest killer, dont use bleach if you want more effective results and better efficiency.

can we put bleach in pool to kill algae?

Yes you can use bleach to kill algae, you usually need to use around 1.5 gallons of bleach to kill algae, but if there is visible growth,, you might have to increase it to 2 gallons, but even if that is not enough and water has started to look visibly bad, such as cloudyness, greenery and other signs of over algae growth, then you may need to double the dosage to 4 gallons or even need to add more than that, so yes, bleach can kill algae.


So today we discussed the benefits and de merits of using bleach in your pool, what we learnt so far is that bleach is very cheap and can be easily found for everyone. Bleach can be an amazing alternative to chlorine for indoor pools, especially with less dangers of bacteria.

Bleach can also be used to kill algae, bleach is very cheap compared to chlorine tablets and almost as easy to use, but we also learnt that chlorine tablets, meanwhile expensive, can be better in several ways as they are a better killer of bacteria and a better disinfectant overall, and is even easier to use, there is no need to observe pool after adding chlorine tablets.

We also learnt that bleach can be used to kill bacteria, we learnt about the required amounts,  even in cases of overgrowth. To summarize things, today we learnt the usage of bleach and chlorine in respect to their prices, we hope it added more to your knowledge and everything was easy to understand.

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