Which Side Of A Solar Pool Cover Goes Down?

Are you getting confused between which side of a solar pool cover goes down ? don’t worry i am here to help you 

The simple answer is put the bubble side always down to get the best result. Because it  helps to float.

You probably heard that solar covers trap the sunlight and heat your pool but it’s not fully true.

In this article i am going to share you behind the solar pool and why you always put the bubble side down?

Why Your Solar Pool Cover Bubbles Should Always Be Facing Down?

As we know, there is air inside the bubble which prevents the pool cover from sinking in the pool. 

You might be thinking that many people say these bubble helps to heat your pool. But this is not ture.

Generally solar cover does not actually heat the pool it’s just gonna reduce the evaporation and keep the heat in your pool.

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Can you run pool pump with solar cover on?

No, as I already mentioned, solar covers only keep the heat in your pool. Running pump slowly slowly drains about your heat so it doesn’t make any sense to use solar cover while you turn on your pool pump.

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